Appium Tutorial – These days, technology is growing rapidly and gives us so many surprises to make our life easier and comfortable. There are many types of software and mobile applications developed by expert professionals to make our regular task convenient. In the IT industry, there are several languages, frameworks, and tools available to make various software and mobile apps such as Java, Selenium, Android Studio, iOS, Appium, PHP, and many others.

Appium is a kind of test automation framework, which can be easily used to write UI tests for mobile applications, for iOS, Android, and other operating systems too. It is an open source, free, cross platform mobile UI automation framework. This technology supports to iOS and Android too, it works on iOS by interacting with the UI Automation Library, where in Android it works by using UI Automation Framework. This is the reason, the new generation IT industry folks like to use Appium and spread its magic in the entire IT industry.

Due to its high demand, newbie and experienced, both are eagerly interested to learn Appium. There are so many Appium Automation Tutorials available everywhere in the web. ATID College is the best place where you can learn each and everything related to the Appium Test Automation and gets giant knowledge regarding this topic. Here, we know that learning any technology is not so easy task for learners; hence we have a well-designed course of Appium where you can find basic knowledge to advance level course about the technology.

We know that new learners always want detailed knowledge of technology; this is the reason that we have designed our course with the help of highly educated and experienced faculties. So, why you are thinking, a new technology awaited for you, just visit our site and join the course. for next level knowledge in the field, please make sure to check our full stack automation course

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