: ATID College Brings Selenium Course Online

Description: ATID College has a wide range of online courses like Selenium webdriver course and many others. Here, we help students to make you aware of all concepts of subject. These days, most students are interested in the technology based course, like, programming languages, networking courses, test automation courses, and more. All these kinds of […]

Selenium WebDriver Guide at ATID College – Free Selenium Guide!

Why should you choose selenium webdriver automation ? Selenium WebDriver Test Automation is considered the most popular testing platform. Presently, this testing platform is used by several industry professionals to test the web applications and give it complete form. This testing platform has many features, which make it popular among its users. The main trait […]

Automation Guide and Many More Test Automation info at ATID College

Its All About Test Automation automation guide – The IT industry is spreading the magic of software and applications everywhere in the world. This industry has reached an elevated position of success. only because of its highly innovated products which have proven helpful in our regular life. This is the reason that most of the […]

Test Automation With Selenium WebDriver

selenium automation – Presently, web application development is a highly demanding technology. Due to the advent of the internet, web development is growing rapidly and reached the top notch level of success. Web development is not a single stream to perform and build an application, rather it allied with other development and testing tools to […]


ATID College Python Automation Course

Python automation – In this technology based era, programming languages are considered the main ingredients of software development. These days, most of the IT guys depend on the programming languages to develop custom made software. There are several kinds of programming languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. Each language has […]


Appium tutorial | Appium automation tutorial at ATID College

Appium Tutorial – These days, technology is growing rapidly and gives us so many surprises to make our life easier and comfortable. There are many types of software and mobile applications developed by expert professionals to make our regular task convenient. In the IT industry, there are several languages, frameworks, and tools available to make […]